Flower Care

  • Flowersdelivery4U takes the utmost care to ensure the flowers we deliver to our customers homes and workplaces are as fresh and beautiful as possible. We source our flowers from the finest flowers growers in the industry and by doing so we are confident that only the finest fresh flowers are being delivered to ur customers.
  • However, to achieve the maximum enjoyment and longevity from the flowers, our customers need to take a little care when the flowers arrive.
  • Here are a few simple steps to ensure that the flowers look their best. Follow these steps and the flowers will look great and shall last as long as possible.
  • On the day of receiving the bouquet, remove all the packaging from the flowers. Take care when unwrapping the bouquet as all the hand-tied bouquets are aqua-packed. Fill the vase with half litre of lukewarm water, this lets the close buds to open. Glass vases are ideal. Empty the flowers food sachet that you have received with the water into the vase. Cut the flowers in approximately 45 degrees angle allowing your flowers to absorb more water. Remove all the excess foliage below the water level.
  • Check the water level daily and replenish as needed. If the water becomes cloudy, it should be completely exchanged for fresh. As the water level gets low, you must re-fill va

Enjoy the flowers!